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The increased responsibility of designers to use environmentally safe products will be addressed in a conference Thursday and Friday, March 5-6, at Brigham Young University.

The American Society of Interior Designers at BYU is sponsoring the "Green Environments" conference to inform designers about environmentally safe products and to make students aware of the environmental hazards associated with using unsafe materials.Sick building syndrome, in which concentrated pollutants cause health problems in workers, is an example of why designers need to be aware of the environmental effects of materials used in products and building materials.

"Designers are responsible not only for creating safe surroundings for other people but also for preserving the resources around us," said Ginger Cozzens, president of the BYU chapter of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Designers also can be held liable for use of products that are not up to code, Cozzens said.

Speakers participating in Green Environments include:

- A representative from Benjamin Moore, a paint company that eliminated lead and mercury from its products nearly 20 years ago.

- Steve Zegler, vice president of manufacturing for Collins and Aikman, a carpet manufacturer, who will speak on how to reduce landfill waste and recycle carpet fibers.

- Steve Vaugn, division manager of Steelcase Inc., who will present "The Healthy Office Environment," a discussion on ergonomics, efficient lighting and indoor air pollution.

For more information, contact Ginger Cozzens, 374-1270, or David Taylor, 378-3545.