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A revitalized job market is anticipated for the Salt Lake area this spring, Manpower Inc.'s Employment Outlook Survey reports.

The study released this week shows 29 percent of companies responding to the survey said they will add workers in the three-month period ending June 30th.Sixteen percent anticipate decreases in staffing levels, while 55 percent don't expect to make any changes.

Manpower said the springtime outlook appears most promising in such sectors as durable goods manufacturing, transportation, public utilities, finance, insurance, real estate and education sectors. "Here in Salt Lake City, employment prospects are much more hopeful than those of three months ago," said Manpower spokesman Robert Katz. "(Then) 16 percent (of survey respondents) intended to recruit new workers and 26 percent reported planned cutbacks.

"Historically, we would expect to see a hiring upturn heading into the second quarter," he added.

Nationally, Manpower found 21 percent of those interviewed said they would boost employment, while 10 percent planned cutbacks. Sixty-seven percent planned no changes and 2 percent were undecided.

Other than Utah, employment prospects appear best in the Midwest and South, Manpower officials said.