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Communities are encouraged to participate with the Uinta National Forest in its annual spring planting projects. Volunteers are needed to help plant approximately 30,000 shrubs, 4,000 trees and 10,000 willows in Diamond Fork Canyon and in designated areas along the Wasatch Front.

Native seedlings of bitterbrush, sagebrush, skunkbush, mountain mahogany and curlleaf mahogany will be planted on big game winter range areas. Woods rose, chokecherry and serviceberry will be planted for wild turkeys that were recently transplanted to the forest. Berries of the shrubs also attract songbirds and upland game birds.Trees will be planted in local canyons replacing those lost through natural causes such as insect pests and wildfire. Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir species will be planted in campgrounds and picnic areas to provide shade.

Volunteers interested in participating should call the Spanish Fork Ranger District, 798-3571.