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Reader request fulfilled.

After several months of study, the Deseret News announces the publication of nutritional analysis for recipes that run in food feature stories.Response to the reader survey published in November was enthusiastically in favor of the addition of nutritional information to recipes. More than 80 percent of survey respondents indicated an interest in the timely information.

Several computer software packages were reviewed by the Deseret News and Nutritionist III, a nationally top-ranked program produced by N-Squared, Portland, Ore, was selected.

The software provides extensive nutrition information based on a food-item data-base of 4,908 and analysis for 58 food components. Nutritionist III has a number of special features and reporting skills but provides thorough numerical information about single food items, an important criterion in working through individual recipes.

Though the data-base is broad, there will be occasional recipe ingredients omitted from the information bank. When that is the case, the closest substitute ingredient will be calculated.

Other initial criteria for implementing the software include:

- Differentiation between cooked and raw portions.

- Cooking method may affect the nutrient value of foods.

- Estimated amounts when exact measurements are unavailable.

- Assumption that healthy options would be selected when the alternative exists - for example, milk will be calculated as 2 percent, margarine made from corn oil and lower in saturated fat will be used unless butter is specified.

- Portion sizes define the individual recipe results and may need to be estimated in some recipes. If a recipe makes four to six servings, for example, the lower number will be used in calculation.

- For the present time, the Deseret News will offer four categories of information: calories, fat grams, sodium milligrams and cholesterol milligrams.

All recipe analysis is carefully calculated, but room for human and judgmental error occurs. The information is the best estimate of nutritional information available through the use of the Nutritionist III software.

Individuals with specific health concerns are urged to consult a private physician or registered dietitian for dietary information.

Any reader questions or concerns should be addressed to Ann Whiting Allen, Deseret News Food Editor, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.