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A Provo School District subcommittee has recommended the construction of a third city high school - to be built in southwest Provo - to alleviate overcrowded classrooms.

TOP 10 HEADLINERS: Hey, just the mention of a possible new high school is the biggest thing to hit southwest Provo since:10. The city built a four-field softball complex east of Footprinters Park.

9. UTA gave the area its own bus route.

8. Dan Quayle's jet landed at the Provo airport.

7. Mosquito-abatement spraying.

6. Residential roads were repaved.

5. Fast-food restaurants started appearing on south University Avenue.

4. Dikes were built to turn back Utah Lake's high water levels.

3. Provo City started its Aerospace Park.

2. The old train station was torn down.

1. Xavier the X-96 Bull came to pasture in our neighborhood.

TOP 10 NAME SUGGESTIONS FOR A NEW PROVO HIGH SCHOOL: The following list accounts for the specific traits of not only the valley but southwest Provo itself.

10. Happy Valley High.

9. Bay View High.

8. Shoreline High.

7. Rocky Mountain Helicopter High.

6. Dike Ridge High.

5. Natural High.

4. Anti-Lehi-Nephi High.

3. Boat Ramp High.

2. NuPerfect High.

1. Inversion High.

TOP 10 NAME-NICKNAME COMBINATIONS: Take the naming process one step further - find not only a localized name for the school but an accompanying mascot as well. Existing examples include the Provo (High) Bulldogs and the Orem (High) Tigers.

10. Lake High - the Lake Trout.

9. Robert High - the Robert Red Fords.

8. Seven High - the Seven Peaks.

7. Osmond High - the Osmond Brothers.

6. Southwest High - the Southwest Airlines.

5. Westside High - the Westside Stories.

4. Harbor High - the Harbor Lights.

3. Utah County High - the Utah County Republicans.

2. Shore High - the Shore 'Nuffs.

1. Bay High - the Bay Bees.

ONE SERIOUS SUGGESTION: The district would like to begin construction in 1994 and finish in 1996. Given the latter date, which coincides with the 100th anniversary of Utah's statehood, a great name possibility for the new school: Centennial High.

(Scott Taylor, a southwest Provo resident for more than a decade, is a Deseret News assistant city editor and a former assistant bureau chief of the newspaper's Utah County Bureau. His biweekly columns for 1992 are based on Top 10 lists.)