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Voters who doubt Bill Clinton's integrity outnumber those satisfied with his honesty 2-1 in a poll of New York state residents taken two weeks before the presidential primary.

The WABC-TV poll of 736 New Yorkers March 25-26 found unhappiness with all the active candidates. Two-thirds of Democrats and independents and 60 percent of Republicans said they wished others were in the race, the poll found.The survey, using ABC News' polling specialists, had a margin of sampling error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Many were unable to mention a name of a candidate they would like to see run. Gov. Mario Cuomo was mentioned most often, but only by 21 percent.

Fifty-seven percent of New Yorkers said they are not satisfied Clinton has the honesty and integrity to serve effectively as president, WABC said. Only 29 percent think the Arkansas governor does.

The poll did not try to measure how state residents might vote on April 7. But it asked about impressions of the candidates. Just 31 percent said they had a favorable impression of Clinton, to 46 percent unfavorable. Former California Gov. Jerry Brown was at 36 percent favorable, 31 percent unfavorable.

President Bush rated 43 percent favorable, 54 percent unfavorable. Non-candidate Paul Tsongas, who is still on the Democratic ballot, had the best ratio in the poll - 40 percent favorable, to 25 percent unfavorable.