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To the editor:

The open letter from Wayne Owens on the front page of the March 15 Deseret News contained an untruth that should be corrected with a statement on the front page highlighted in color, just as his statement was.The House bank was a bank in the true sense of the word. My dictionary says a bank is "an establishment for the custody, loan, exchange or issue of money, for the extension of credit, and for the facilitating the transmission of funds."

It is not necessary to put quotation marks around "bank" as you did. Checks were written on it and were accepted for goods and services as they were from any bank. To call it anything else does not change its function or description.

In my opinion, anyone who cannot or will not be responsible enough to refrain from issuing checks with insufficient funds is not the kind of person we want in our Senate or House of Representatives to try to balance the national budget.

Lee Manwill

Salt Lake City