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Israeli peace crusader Abie Nathan was released Monday after serving six months in prison for meeting with PLO chief Yasser Arafat, his sentence shortened after he agreed to obey the law.

President Chaim Herzog on Sunday cut Nathan's sentence by a year after the activist promised "to act only in accordance with the law," a statement from Herzog's office said.Nathan, 64, who runs the Voice of Peace radio station, left the Maasiyahu jail outside Tel Aviv shortly after 1 p.m., said a prison spokesman.

He was jailed Oct. 10 for breaking an Israeli law against meeting members of terrorist organizations.

Nathan told reporters after being freed he would "not do anything illegal for at least three months," or until June 23, when Israel holds national elections, Israel radio reported.

He hopes the right-wing Likud party will be voted out of power and that new legislation will permit Israelis to meet PLO officials, the radio quoted Nathan as saying. Nathan was convicted of meeting Arafat in Tunis last year.