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To the editor:

Kind and compassionate lawyers are desperately needed. Problems arise when human nature falls prey to greed. This greed allows one dishonest lawyer to pay off another dishonest lawyer or judge at the expense of his own client.Last year in America, there were 10,000 complaints filed against lawyers; Utah had 2,000 of those 10,000 complaints. My conclusion is that the problem lies in lawyer self-regulation.

As a concerned citizen who has felt firsthand the sting of injustice, I have made an effort to make this a political issue with the Democratic candidates running for governor. Since lawyer self-regulation is a local problem, we must legislate locally.

It is ironic that all of the candidates running on the Democratic ticket locally are lawyers.

As a delegate, I have written to each of them and asked them to come forward and make a public statement regarding this problem in the legal system in this state. To date, I have had no response.

Therefore, I issue a public challenge: Which of you candidates dares to take on the State Bar?

As governor, the winner would have power to sign legislation requiring the legal system in Utah to clean house - to establish a panel of citizens that would have the power to discipline the unethical people in the profession. Right now, only 2 percent of all lawyers nationally are disbarred; that is 200 out of 10,000 complaints.

Mark Faux

West Jordan