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The Utah Department of Transportation took a wrong turn into the weekly "Hall of Shame" of the Washington Times' Insight magazine on Sunday.

The reason: forcing car dealer Gus Paulos to paint over his "Drunk Drivers Exit Now" billboard near the 500 South onramp to I-15.The magazine ran a picture of the sign and noted that UDOT said it looked too much like a real highway billboard. It quoted Paulos saying that was ridiculous.

"The billboard was 60 feet off the road on a two-story building," Paulos said. "And there was no exit off the highway in sight. What are drivers going to do? See the sign and drive through the 10-foot cement wall?"

The magazine noted that the same day Paulos was told by UDOT to paint over the sign, he received an award of excellence from the Dealers' Safety and Mobility Council for the anti-drunken driving ad campaigns he runs between Thanksgiving and April. He spends more than $30,000 a year on them.

The Times said, "These days it's hard to be a good Samaritan."