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The Jordan Board of Education has voted to fire teacher DeMar Wes Nilson.

Notice of the firing has been sent to the State Office of Education, where officials are gathering evidence for a Professional Practices Commission hearing that will decide whether to revoke Nilson's teaching certificate.Nilson had been charged with sexually abusing a 14-year-old Oquirrh Hills Middle School student, but that charge was dismissed after the youth changed the date of when he said the abuse took place.

Nilson pleaded no contest to a sex-abuse charge in Davis County in 1981. The case was later expunged and he was hired three years later as a teacher in the Jordan School District, where officials said their background check had not turned up the Davis County case.

If his teaching certificate is revoked, it would be difficult for Nilson to secure a job teaching at a public school in the United States or Canada, according to Doug Bates, coordinator for school law with the State Office of Education.

Nilson's case is expected to be on the April 24 agenda of the Professional Practices Commission.