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Less than a week into his new job as state schools superintendent, Scott Bean has come under fire from the Utah Independent Party.

Party Chairman Ed Little on Monday accused Bean of spending up to 40 percent of his time in recent months as deputy schools superintendent trying to counter the education platform of Independent gubernatorial candidate Mer-rill Cook.Bean denied Little's charges. "I don't recall spending any time on that," he said. "That's absolutely preposterous."

"I would like to remind you that as a state official supported by tax dollars you should not be campaigning for or against any candidate for public office," Little said in a letter to Bean.

Bean was appointed last week to replace Jay Taggart, who resigned because of a family member's illness.

Bean said his involvement in politics is limited to distributing financial information on education to candidates who request it.

Cook said he believes Utah schools are suffering because less than half of the state education budget is devoted to teacher salaries and too much money is spent on administration.

Bean disputed Cook's claim that the system is burdened with administrators and said he doesn't know where the candidate gets such information. He accused Cook of trying to injure "the most efficient educational system in the nation."

"It is interesting to note Mr. Cook has never to my knowledge come to our office to discuss his analysis of the budget," Bean said.