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The foot injury to Utah senior gymnast Shelly Schaerrer Saturday night in Provo apparently involved soft tissue and was not a bone chip, as feared. But Ute coach Greg Marsden said it may be several days before it's determined whether Schaerrer can return to help the top-ranked club in the Midwest Regional April 11 in the Huntsman Center or the NCAA Championships in St. Paul, Minn., April 24, or whether her career is over.

"I don't think we really know," said Marsden Sunday. "There are no broken bones, and that gives us some reason for optimism. We just don't have a lot of time, and we've got to be prepared to move on," he said.Marsden said Schaerrer would be reevaluated Monday afternoon and that the injury could be a bone bruise, sprain or other soft-tissue damage that may or may not be as bad as a bone fracture. "There's a specific place on the heel that ismuch more tender; they've ruled out the Achilles and a break," he said. The foot was quite swollen, he said.

Schaerrer came down short and hard from her double-back somersault on her first tumbling pass in floor exercise Saturday night in the Western Athletic Conference Championships at the BYU Marriott Center. She immediately collapsed onto her face and lay in obvious pain on the floor.

She was taken to Utah Valley Hospital for X-rays, and Marsden said he was with the attending doctor when the X-rays were observed Saturday night.

Schaerrer, said Marsden, has a high pain threshold, "So that lets you know how much that must have hurt. If there's any chance of working through this, Shelly is someone who would do it," he said.

Fellow Ute senior Missy Marlowe, Utah's final performer of the meet Saturday who had to compete as Scharrer was being attended to on the sidelines, agreed. "She has the highest pain tolerance of anybody I know," Marlowe said.

"At first the pain was terrible," said Schaerrer. "The floor here is so bouncy," she said, "I just went kind of easy. I was thinking about it (the bounciness of the floor) too much; I made too much of an adjustment."

It was the second injury of the night for Utah, which competed without freshman Aimee Trepanier, who apparently pulled a muscle in the sternum area while warming up for the meet. Marsden said Sunday that Trepanier would also be evaluated medically Monday. The same thing happened to Trepanier out of the gym earlier in the season, and she recovered quickly, Marsden said.