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The Wal-Mart family portrait studios in Layton, Riverdale and Murray are conducting the "Cutest Kid in Salt Lake City" contest through Sunday, April 5. Photographs will be taken of children 4 years old and younger, with winners selected by a "penny-a-vote" process.

Proceeds go to the Children's Miracle Network.Wal-Mart director of photographic marketing Terry Brockwell offers the following tips for photography sessions:

1. The best time for schedule a sitting for your child is after he has had a nap and something to eat.

2. Dress your child in what he will be wearing for the photo, except for the top.

3. The most difficult age for photographs is around 2 years old. Bring your child to the studio two or three times before you actually book an appointment. Introduce your child to the photographer and talk in a positive manner.

4. Bring in your child's favorite toy or prop. This will help put the child at ease.

5. Try to bring help - mother, grandmother, sister, brother - when you have younger children or two or more children.

6. If you have an older child, have him talk to the younger one - they speak the same language.

7. Give yourself and your child plenty of time to get ready. DON'T RUSH!