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Several years ago I saw two mini-series on TV I thought were outstanding. After I watched them I realized I would like to see them again. But obviously it was too late for me to make a tape.

Are "Chiefs" and "The First Olympics" available on video? - J.J., Salt Lake City.Yes. They are, of course, cheaper to rent than buy. Check with your local video rental outlet. If you can't find one to rent, you can buy one from a company called Movies Unlimited Inc. "The First Olympics" sells for $69.99 and "Chiefs" sells for $29.99.

"Chiefs," made in 1983, is set in a small Southern town. A series of murders threatens the area's political balance. Chaos reigns in the police department and political groups for 40 years, until the mystery is finally solved. Stars are Keith Carradine, Charlton Heston, Billy Dee Williams; 200 minutes.

"The First Olympics - Athens 1896," made in 1984, depicts the events that led to the creation of the modern Olympic Games. A hastily formed American team shocked the world with its success. Stars are David Ogden Stiers, Alex Hyde-White and Jason Connery; 236 minutes.

Movies Unlimited offers an amazing selection of videos.

Anyone with a hankering for a movie unavailable at video rental stores might strike it lucky with Movies Unlimited. Call 1-800-523-0823 for a catalog.

The cost is $7.95 plus $3 shipping.

Another option: Sometimes mini-series are aired again.

Panic disorder

What do you do when anxiety or sudden fear seems to be too much to handle?

A booklet called "Panic Disorder" (item 602Y, free) lists symptoms, treatments and where to get help.

The booklet "Plain Talk About Stress" (item 566Y, free) gives you tips on how to effectively deal with stress.

"What to Do When a Friend Is Depressed" (item 569Y, free) identifies common myths, warning signals and suggests ways you can help.

For copies of the booklets, send your name and address along with the pamphlet number to S. James, Consumer Information Center, Pueblo, CO 81009.