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Juab County made several important gains during 1991, according to Glenn Greenhalgh, county economic development director.

The Juab Rural Development Agency was formed to bring natural gas to the area and the tri-city system was constructed during the year. Nephi, Mona, Levan and Juab County agreed to grant the agency the authority to act for the joint interests of all its members."The brightest star to area economic development was the opening of MidState Consultants Inc.," said Greenhalgh. The company has already surpassed its employment goals for the year, he said. MidState does engineering for the telecommunications industry and constructed a 12,000-square-foot building at a cost of approximately $442,000 in the Nephi Industrial Park.

Another success was attracting EnviroChem, a hazardous-waste processing plant, to Nephi, where the company would like to build a $2.5 million plant.

"The plant needs a railroad spur constructed," said Greenhalgh, "which should benefit the company in being able to transport the recycled products by rail." He said the development agency will work to help the company obtain necessary permits.

"Even though I am the director," said Greenhalgh, "I think economic development depends on all the residents and officials of the area. Success depends on a multitude of players. Success depends not on just one person, but all everyone involved working together."

If EnviroChem obtains the necessary permits to operate in the state, it will recycle waste products, said Greenhalgh. The term "hazardous" is misleading because the products being recycled consist of used motor oil and paint thinners and similar products, which will be cleaned and reused.

"The new natural gas line has already attracted interest from businesses," said Greenhalgh. East Juab County communities of Levan, Mona and Nephi all participated in the construction of the transmission and distribution system, which opened last fall.

The project has plenty of room for growth, with all of the cities involved using must less than design capacity.

"We had a lot more requests last year for information about the area and from businesses thinking about building in the state than we have ever had before," said Greenhalgh.

Property was added to the city industrial park. Future plans include improving signs advertising communities. Nephi, the county seat, needs to tear down some old signs and billboards, said Greenhalgh.

Existing businesses continue to be a source of pride, said Greenhalgh, such as U-America which now has 87 employees; NRP Rubber Products; the new radio station; and AshGrove Cement. Businesses at the freeway interchange south of town continue to do a brisk business attracting tourists from the freeway.