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Three more House members announced their retirements, including an Ohio Republican who wrote more than 500 bad checks on the now-defunct House bank.

The retirements brought to at least 46 the number of House incumbents who won't be returning next year. The retirements, fueled by the bank brouhaha, the redrawing of congressional districts and other factors, are the largest in years. The three who announced their retirements Monday all are veterans:- Robert Roe, a 12-term Democrat from New Jersey and chairman of the Public Works and Transportation Committee.

- Chalmers Wylie, R-Ohio, who is in his 26th year.

- Howard Wolpe, D-Mich., a seven-term lawmaker.

Wylie's wife, Marjorie, confirmed that the 71-year-old Columbus lawmaker would not seek another term. He has conceded that his House bank account showed 575 overdrafts but contends that 44 of them are in error.