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The Central Utah Water Conservancy District is reviewing a conceptual plan for an enclosed pipeline to carry Strawberry Reservoir water south to the Sevier River Basin.

The Central Utah Project Completion Act, now before the Senate, contains an appropriation of $150 million for the pipeline.The main conveyance system would be a 68-mile-long closed conduit delivering 38,100 acre-feet of CUP water a year from the proposed Monks Hollow Dam in Diamond Fork to the Sevier River Bridge at Yuba Lake.

Releases of the water would be made to the Lower Sevier area, while the Upper Sevier area would be served by water exchanges.

Deliveries of water would be made primarily during the October through April period - the non-irrigation season - for storage in the reservoir.

Under the conceptual study, annual water deliveries to Yuba Lake are expected to range as high 63,000 acre feet in dry years.

Some farmers in the area sold their water to Intermountain Power Project when it was constructed. At the present time, only two of the planned four units have been built. Therefore, less than half of IPP's water supply is presently being used at the plant and the rest is being leased back to irrigators.

While the CUP was controlled by the Bureau of Reclamation, farmers who sold their water to IPP would not be eligible to receive any project water. Under the new bill, they may be able to obtain project water, said CUWD spokesman Elden Laird.

Under the pending CUP Completion Act, the irrigation and drainage system cannot be built until binding contracts for the purchase of agricultural irrigation water are received for at least 90 percent of the water to be delivered.