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Frankie Roylance knows all 800 students at Hillcrest Junior High. She's the school's secretary and Murray District's classified employee of the year.

"Frankie knows everything about every student in school and remembers things you cannot believe," said Principal Dee Jensen. "As (I was) a new principal at the school this year, she was a great help to me. She made the transition very smooth."Roylance has been a school secretary at Hillcrest for 101/2 years, working with three different principals. She was a homemaker until her husband's death 17 years ago. She began working at Arlington Elementary school, and this is her 16th year in the Murray district.

"I love my job," she said. "It's almost always fun and much better than most jobs because I have the best of two worlds. I work with both kids and adults. The faculty and staff have a close working relationship and we have a very considerate principal. I love it."

The mother of four and grandmother of 10 was honored at the Murray School Board meeting March 25. She represents 250 other secretaries, custodians, bus drivers, lunch workers, maintenance workers and teachers assistants in the district.

"You won't believe how often she digs into her purse to loan students money," Jensen said. "They don't come any better."