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Any parent knows it's difficult to get children to remember to do their chores or take care of personal hygiene since children's minds usually are focused on other things.

To overcome the problem of forgetful children, Jack Flynn and his son, Kevin, have invented a wall board with moveable parts they believe will enhance self-esteem, mutual trust, appreciation, responsibility, mutual respect, stong work ethic, self-discipline, family cooperation and increased affection in a family.Called the family improvement system, the board is designed to make children between 5 and 14 years old aware of certain chores and personal hygiene requirements set down by the parents so the gouse will stay clean and they don't have to keep "bugging" the children.

The Flynn's started working on their "Choreminder" device in February 1991 and incorporated in September 1991 as Maka-Difference Corp., 3450 S. Main. They chose that name because they believe their product will make a difference in better families.

They believe they are filling a niche in the market because their board is more substantial than the paper ones usually found stuck to a refrigerator door. They already have endorsements from family counselors and psychologists.

The metal for the front of the board is made for the Flynns by Metalfab Inc., West Valley City, and the board front is silkscreened with various colors by Advanced Metal Finishers, North Salt Lake.

Presently, the Flynns are assembling the boards but are thinking about having senior citizens or handicapped people do the work when their products begin to sell. They already have an agreement with Seagull book and Tape stores to sell the family improvement system.

It takes about one hour to set up the board with the various colored dots that each stand for a chore assigned to a child. A family meeting is held to explain what is expected of each sibling and how to operate the board, said Jack. When a chore is completed,the child turns the revolving indicators and a happy face appears.

On a row above the indicators turned by the children, a row of indicators is for the parents. If the parents are pleased with a child's behavior that day the indicator is turned to a heart symbol. If a child goes the extra mile for the family a gold cup symbol is exposed.

Kevin said the board also contains space for monthly and yearly goals for the family. For example, if a monthly goal of 60 gold cups is established, once the family reaches the goal a reward such as a night at the ice cream store is allowed. A yearly goal of a trip or a major purchase is an incentive for the entire family, he said.

Jack said the choreminder board has been test marketed in Utah School of Business students and changes were made to make the boards more attractive for sale. > Once the boards catch on in the United States, the Flynns hope to market them abroad in various foreign languages. After all, there probably are children in Japan and Germany who also forget about doing chores.