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Box Elder County commissioners recently voted to forgive some $100,000 in back taxes, panalties and interest in order to facilitate purchase of the abandoned U&I Sugar factory property in Garland by End/All Waste Inc.

M. Karlynn Hinman, attorney for End/All Waste Inc., originally asked that the back taxes be forgiven and that the center portion of the property - which contains the factory buildings - be exempted from taxes for another five years to allow the company to continue cleanup of asbestos and other hazardous materials at its own expense.Commission chairman James White told Hinman that while he would like to impose no tax for the requested five years, Box Elder County Attorney Jon Bunderson had informed him that the county is not able to forgive taxes beforehand.

Since forgiving back taxes is within the commission's realm of authority, it did so. White expressed the commission's desire to see the land developed after its years in ruin.

Hinman, who was accompanied by End/All Waste representative Louise Galloway, thanked the commission for its action to "facilitate some utility out of that property and not let it deteriorate further."

Hinman explained that two side portions of the property, amounting to 104 acres, will be sold as soon as End/All acquires it. Those portions will immediately appear on the county tax rolls in the names of the new owners. She asked if the commission, considering the eminent sales, could defer taxes without foreclosure for five years on the remaining 75 acres.

Commissioners advised her that Box Elder County assessor Monte Munns will assess the property for current values, and the commission agreed to consider the request after that time.