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To the editor:

I am responding to comments by David Moser of Gillette, Wyo., regarding Ute Coach Rick Majerus. He went on and on, raving about the coach's outburst. I have watched the Utes play for three years and never before saw the coach upset in the public eye.Moser never seemed to consider that the scorekeeper wasn't attentive to the referee when he signaled a three pointer and recorded only two points. (Later, of course, he had to correct it.)

As far as suggesting disciplinary action, didn't he see that Utah was given a technical penalty and that two foul pitches were given Wyoming? Of course, the player didn't make them, so that was more the reason the game was won by the Utes rather than Moser's suggestion.

I feel certain if Moser took the time to research his own team records as well as three other teams I know, he would find something else he could show poor sportsmanship about.

D. Dickson

Salt Lake City