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To the editor:

I find it interesting that Police Chief Dennis Nordfelt and Mayor Brent Anderson are trying so hard to shove this "PhotoCop" idea down our throats. They keep bringing up all these statistics that any first-grader could see through.The PhotoCop idea at the school crossings is not a bad idea, but this isn't going to solve our problems. It's not hard to drive through the city when the traffic is busy and see most of the accidents are happening at or near the main intersections.

Speed isn't the only factor in these accidents. We need left-hand turn signals on all the major roads - which need to also stay on longer. People get frustrated in the heavy traffic, so they start dodging in and out of lanes. Then you have the ones who hurry to pull out into the merging lane and then make a quick stop - blocking traffic trying to turn.

It seems like the "brass" at city government wants this PhotoCop to magically solve our traffic problems. Shape up, West Valley.

Lee T. Romrell

West Valley City