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To the editor:

Early Feb. 1, I went to the Capitol Theatre to wait in line for tickets to "Les Miserables." When I arrived at 2 a.m., I signed a list indicating that I was number 69 in line. During the next four hours, thousands of people arrived to wait their turn in line.At 6:30 a.m., several hundred people took advantage of us, "the campers," and rushed the doors while we attempted to get out of our sleeping bags and preserve our places in line. These people refused to yield and consequently purchased their tickets first.

Every person who rushed and cut in line is a thief. They robbed tickets and good seating opportunities from people who had waited for hours. At least 300 people bought thousands of tickets before I, number 69 in line, got my chance.

As a 19-year-old, I have camped out 20 or more times for concert tickets. I have never experienced more inconsiderate and childish behavior, even from young, eager teenagers waiting for Metallica or Sting tickets, than that of the "cultured, art-appreciative, educated" adults at the Capitol Theatre.

Megan Sather

Salt Lake City