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Utah basketball coach Rick Majerus will be honored as the "1991 Utah Sportsperson of the Year" by the Salt Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.

TV Guide magazine will host a banquet Thursday night at the Salt Lake Airport Hilton to honor the Ute coach, who guided his team to the "Sweet 16" in the NCAA tournament last year, to an overall school-record 30-4 mark, and the WAC championship. Majerus was named national Coach of the Year by United Press International and WAC Coach of the Year."The award is presented to the individual who has made the single most significant contribution to Utah sports during the year," said Fred Ball, president and chief executive officer for the chamber. "Rick Majerus has brought great recognition to the University of Utah and the state of Utah as well."

Previous award winners are: Ty Detmer, 1990; Karl Malone, 1989; Melissa Marlowe and Denise Parker, l988; Mike Price, 1987; Jason Buck, 1986; Larry Miller, 1985; LaVell Edwards, 1984 and 1974; Steve Young, 1983; Greg Marsden, 1982; Jim McMahon, 1981 and 1980; Marc Wilson, 1979; Wayne Howard, 1978; Jerry Pimm, 1977; Suzie Brasher, 1976; Art Teece, 1975; Steve Odom, 1973; and Zelmo Beatty, 1972.