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To the editor:

It seems that whenever I am driving on the Salt Lake Valley freeways at the maximum speed allowed (55 mph), not the minimum (45 mph), I am impeding traffic, as are all other drivers obeying posted regulations. We are a hindrance to other motorists.Either we should enforce the traffic laws - or abolish them and keep those who have obeyed them off the streets. Turn the highways over to the most offensive drivers, in order: teenage young women who ignore stop signs, yield signs and caution signs and believe speeding is the "in" thing to do; middle-aged men who swerve in and out of traffic and blink their lights at you as they ride up on your rear bumper when there is no space in the next lane to move into; teenage young men who drag race on the freeways, secondary roads and residential streets and parking lots; all drinking drivers.

Give them their freedom, let them kill each other off, then return the highways to those who strive to obey the laws that were enacted for their own safety and protection.

Or an offender's driver's license could be withheld from renewal, or revoked until all moving violation points have expired, and their time elapsed. Let's make our highways safe. It is a small price to pay for even one life.

LaRee Chaston

Salt Lake City