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European security negotiators concluded three years of talks Wednesday with the adoption of a "Vienna document" setting out measures to reinforce peace for 48 countries from the Atlantic to the Ural Mountains.

Austrian delegation chief Martin Vukovich told a news conference the Conference on Security Building Measures had succeeded for the first time in imposing limits on military activity by the signatory states.The Vienna document is due to be ratified in Helsinki March 24 at a meeting of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe, or CSCE.

Membership for the Baltic and other former Soviet republics in the CSCE process raised its ranks this year to 48 states from the original 35, including all the countries in Europe plus the United States and Canada.

Vukovich said he believed the related Conventional Forces in Europe, or CFE, arms control talks would result in an agreement by 29 countries in June to limit military manpower, the Austrian news agency APA reported.