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The West High International Track is dead.

The Salt Lake Board of Education decided Tuesday night to proceed with its plans to build a standard high school track after a fund-raising coalition failed to secure the necessary donations for the larger, fancier international version.Last fall, the International Track Coalition and the school board agreed to a March 1 "do-or-die" date, said Stephen Harman, district director of buildings and grounds. By Sunday, the coalition had raised less than $50,000 of the $850,000 necessary to upgrade the track, he said.

Harman, also a coalition member, said the private group dedicated a lot of time and effort to the project but was unable to attract a large donation that would spark additional commitments.

The school district's plans for the West High track were put on hold two years ago to give the international track supporters time to raise additional funds for the track upgrade. At that time, the school district set aside $750,000 for the standard track.

The new standard track, which will be built across the street from the school, 241 N. 300 West, might be ready for the 1992-93 school year, Harman said. The current West High track is not regulation size.