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Antelope Island didn't receive the financial boost from legislators it needed to open anytime soon. In fact, it may not open to the public before 1994.

Division of Parks and Recreation had sought $20 million in bonding to restore the island, but instead received only $1 million. About a third of the money will be used to finish the causeway between Syracuse and the island. The remaining funds will go toward electricity, water and sewer.If the Legislature grants funds next year, the island could open in 1994.

The 32-mile Rails-To-Trails system running between Park City and Echo received $100,000 to finish bridges, fencing, parking and signing. Plans are to have part of the trail open this summer.

Lawmakers also gave the DPR $1 million for other projects within the park system. Part of the money will be used to improve facilities at Wasatch Mountain State Park and Pioneer Trails. The agency would also like develop some barrier free parks for the handicapped.