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Treasure hunt: Ralph Powers is unearthing buried treasure at Geneva Steel - not doubloons, rubies or diamonds. Just cold, hard cash. Company officials have launched an aggressive program, dubbed "Treasure Hunt," to bolster the mill's bottom line. See business stories on Page B3.Provo

Housing program: Provo residents who dream of buying a house may be able to turn their desires into reality through the Affordable Home Ownership Program. See Page B4.


Air quality index highs as of 8 a.m. Wednesday in Utah County as measured by the Utah Division of Air Quality:

Lindon monitor, fine particulate or PM10: 30

Downtown Provo, carbon monoxide: 33

North Provo monitor, carbon monoxide: 22

Readings between 1 and 50 are good. The forecast is for slightly increasing pollution levels.

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UTAH COUNTY NEWS on Pages B3, 4.