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Natter Manufacturing Inc. (NMI) is consolidating its manufacturing operations into one facility in West Jordan, creating 85 new jobs for the Utah plant, Gov. Norm Bangerter said Wednesday.

The consolidation will mean the closure of NMI's other facility in Temple City, Calif., a suburb of Los Angeles.NMI currently employs 115 at each plant. The consolidation will result in a reduction of some 30 jobs overall. The move also will require transfer of $1.5 million in equipment from the Temple City plant to the West Jordan facility.

"During the recession, as companies work to streamline, we expect adjustments such as these," the governor said. "We're happy to be on the receiving end of this consolidation, and we're pleased that our economic development efforts clearly had an impact in keeping jobs we had and adding others."

Jerry Koontz, NMI president and chief operating officer, described the decision as a "strategic move" to strengthen the company's position during the current recession in the computer industry.

Koontz told Bangerter the decision to consolidate operations into Utah, rather than California, was due to the state's good business climate and cooperative government.

"Your support, coupled with the development of strong business relationships with McDonnell Douglas and other potential Utah companies, provided solid argument for this decision," said Koontz. He said McDonnell Douglas has a natural incentive for dealing with Utah businesses because of the state's Industrial Assistance Fund.

NMI is a tool shop with customers that include McDonnell Douglas, IBM, AT&T, Fujitsu America, Evans & Sutherland and others. Its products include precision sheet metal products for computer, telecommunications, medical, aircraft and other related industries.

NMI is a subsidiary of Talus Corp., based in Toronto, Canada. Talus bought NMI, founded in 1952, from Fairchild Industries Inc. in 1989.