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Development along Sandhill Road will be limited to single-family residences until the narrow street is improved.

Because of concerns about the road, the City Council on Tuesday turned down developer Richard Davis' request that it annex 4.8 acres outside city limits he needed to construct a 88-unit family-apartment complex at 1700 South Sandhill Road. Davis planned to combine that acreage with a one-acre parcel he already owns at the site.The council also opted not to change the designation for the property on the master plan from low-density to high-density residential or to rezone the property for high density development.

"We have no business doing any development on that road until it's improved," Councilman Keith Hunt said.

The council also expressed concern about water drainage along Sandhill Road. Sink holes have appeared in several spots since WalMart, which is just northeast of Davis' proposed development, was constructed.

Residents of the area turned out en masse to protest Davis' project, saying the Sandhill Road can't handle more traffic unless it is widened and straightened. They also objected to having an apartment complex in the midst of single-family residences.