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To the editor:

Dear Abby wrote a column Dec. 3 titled "Magic handles tragedy with dignity." A quote came to mind as I read this column: "Minds have been stretched so broad that, in many cases, little of moral substance seems to be left between the ears."We all have free agency, including Magic Johnson, to make choices; but we cannot choose the consequences. Many freely made choices do inflict pain and suffering. Are we supposed to accept that with "dignity" - or outrage?

AIDS is preventable. An unsuspecting patient of an infected dentist is an innocent victim, as are thousands of others who received this "gift" unknowingly and without choice.

There is a vast difference between eating too many hot dogs and choosing a lifestyle that simply gratifies self with absolutely no consideration for humanity or even for a loved one within one's own household or family.

Every suffering individual is deserving of compassion and care; but please call it as it is - preventable - with personal responsibility and accountability.

Writers ask how parents are going to explain "lovable, dignified, sports hero - Magic" when "pious" people denigrate "queers and junkies." Parents can teach their children of novelist Charles Kingley's two freedoms: "the false (freedom) where a man is free to do what he likes; the true (freedom) where a man is free to do what he ought."

Hazel S. Willard