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John A. Medina, director of the State Industrial Commission's Labor/Anti-Discrimination Division for the past 13 years, has resigned effective March 27 to become manager of equal employment opportunity for Reynolds Electric and Engineering, Las Vegas.

Medina cites among his accomplishments the work to recodify the state labor code, passage of the Utah Fair Housing Act and this year receiving funding to implement the Fair Housing Act. He believes he has built a solid working relationship with the public and business community in attempting to solve various labor and discrimination problems.Before being appointed to his present position, Medina was director of the Mobile Homes and Recreation Vehicle Division of the Utah Department of Business Regulation for nine months and before that was Hispanic ombudsman in the governor's office.

Medina has an associate degree in business from the College of Eastern Utah in Price in 1968, a bachelor's degree in marketing/

business management from Weber State College in 1969 and a master's degree in human resource management in economics from the University of Utah in 1978.