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To the editor:

Why can't we learn from California's mistakes in regard to year-round schooling? Many California school districts adopted the year-round program and found that it does not work. It was a fad that emerged and has been in the process of dwindling.I lived in the wealthiest school district in Southern California, yet there was always an urgent plea for more money because of overcrowded classrooms. My children were bused past three elementary schools to attend school in another city. I was charged $160 per child each year in busing fees.

In addition to this and other drastic measures that were taken to alleviate the overcrowding problem, the district started the schools "year-round." As they are doing here in Utah, it was done gradually.

First they started with the elementary schools and a great deal of talk about "how wonderful it was." Later, they started year-round in the secondary and high schools and parents quickly began to realize what had happened to them. Suddenly all family life was gone.

Do people realize that the elementary, secondary and high school levels are all on different tracks and each level operates on more than one track? Parents who have children in all three school levels are never able to enjoy a vacation where all family members are present. This is a direct attack on the family unit.

Year-round schooling is an outmoded experimental fad which should be immediately discarded.

Teresa J. Power