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Eureka City officals would like the Juab County courthouse in Eureka turned over to the city to be used for city offices.

Mayor Don Treloar and City Recorder Fred Garbett asked Juab County commissioners to allow the city to own the historic building. "We would utilize the lost south of the courthouse for public parking, reserving the area in front for disabled spaces," wrote the mayor and council in a letter to the commission.Treloar said the city would then turn over part, possibly all, of the present City Hall to the Tintic Historical Society to enlarge and expand the mining museum, now located on the upper floor of the building.

The transfers would save money and relieve the county of maintaining the courthouse, said Treloar.

Eureka would provide the existing office space to accommodate the sheriff's office.

The Eureka precinct of the county court and Eureka City court both hold sessions in the building under the jurisdiction of Judge Charles H. Blouch. Treloar said the city would like to do away with the position of city judge as well.

"The city has decided not to extend the certification of the city judge as a matter of economics," said Treloar. The city is also preparing a contract between the city and the county sheriff's department. The sheriff's department would provide law enforcement for the city under terms of the agreement with a percentage of collected fines going to Eureka and a percentage going to the county.

The present judge is not on good terms with the local law enforcement officers, said Garrbett, who said fewer cases were being seen by the judge as a result.

Brough, however, pointed out that the county judge was appointed by the commission for four years.

Treloar said the decision to close the city court was made on the lines of economy. "Nothing should change," he said. Offenders would be handled in the same office, but the court would be under county jurisdicition and not city government.