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Alta View Hospital-

DAVIS, Brent and Deborah, Springville, girl.

MALLORY, Rick and Mary, Kearns, boy.

MORITZ, John and Marnie, Taylorsville, boy.

SMITH, Tyler and Maurnie, Sandy, boy.

VINCENT, Jeffrey and Natalie, Sandy, girl.

American Fork Hospital-

BLACKBURN, Bryon and Diane, Provo, girl.

BLEYLE, Nicky and Toni, Lindon, boy.

BYINGTON, Donald and Rebecca, American Fork, boy.

CLARK, Thomas and Kathryn, Salt Lake City, boy.

COX, Christopher and Robin, Lehi, girl.

EASTMAN, Douglas and Margaret, Provo, boy.

FINDEIS, Michael and Lori, Orem, girl.

FUGAL, Kelly and Karen, American Fork, boy.

GALLAGHER, Kevin and Anetta, Pleasant Grove, girl.

KEARL, Gary and Elizabeth, Orem, girl.

KIRKHAM, Glade and Judy, Lehi, boy.

PATTERSON, James and Barbara, American Fork, girl.

ROUNDY, Garth and Diane, American Fork, boy.

STAPLETON, Brian and Shauna, Lindon, boy.

TERRY, Malissa, Lehi, girl.

VANCE, Vance and Carolyn, American Fork, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ANDERSEN, Paul and Camille, Salt Lake City, boy.

AVERY, Shane and Marla, Salt Lake City, girl.

AZERA, Candido and Rebecca, Salt Lake City, boy.

DAHLE, Robert and Joan, Salt Lake City, girl.

GUBLER, Bryce and Carolyn, Sandy, boy.

HENSLEY, Darren and kelly, Park City, boy.

PETERSON, Wendy and BARNHURST, Jay, Midvale, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

YANAGUI, Francesco and Almaida, Salt Lake City, girl.

St. Mark's Hospital-

ASKEE, Thomas and Audree, Salt Lake City, girl.

BROWN, Michael and Ramona, Kearns, girl.

BURTON, Blake and Christie, West Valley City, boy.

EYRE, Troy and Christie, Riverton, girl.

HARRIS, Corey and Elise, West Valley City, boy.

HOGGAN, Jeffrey and Patti, Salt Lake City, girl.

LEMMONS, Wayne and Peggy, South Jordan, girl.

MATHERLY, Stephen and Annette, West Valley City, boy.

NENTWICH, Mark and Ann, Salina, Sevier County, girl.

PETERSEN, Michael and Michelle, West Jordan, girl.

ROSS, Steven and Maureen, West Jordan, boy.

SHEPPICK, Chad and Julie, West Valley City, boy.

TURLEY, Roger and Lisa, West Jordan, boy.

WHIPPEN, Leonard and Verla, Salt Lake City, boy.

YAZZIE, Elliot and Michelle, Salt Lake City, boy.

Utah Valley Regional Medical Center-

ANDERSON, Wade and Jeri, Fairview, boy.

ASHCROFT, Aaron and Tonja, Provo, boy.

BLEAZARD, David and Suzanne, Provo, boy.

BURNER, Christian and Dianna, Provo, girl.

CANNON, Steven and Denise, Provo, boy.

ELDREDGE, Steven and Stephanie, Provo, boy.

ETHERINGTON, Robert and Linda, Provo, girl.

SKOUSEN, James and Kalin, Orme, boy.

STOUT, Sean and Julie, Provo, boy.