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No Books Day

Unable to afford paper in Siberia in the 1940s, Esther Hautzig did all her schoolwork in the space between the print on old newspapers. Sixth-graders at Timpanogos Elementary School had a similar experience Wednesday as part of "No Books Day" sponsored by the Deseret News Newspaper in Education Department. (See Page B3.)


As Rep. Christine Fox, R-Lehi, begins her bid for re-election to the Utah House of Representatives, she says she hopes some high-profile conservative and women's groups won't stand in her way. (See Page B6.)


Air quality index highs as of 8 a.m. Thursday in Utah County as measured by the Utah Division of Air Quality:

Lindon monitor, fine particulate or PM10: 10

Downtown Provo, carbon monoxide: 33

North Provo monitor, carbon monoxide: 22

Readings between 1 and 50 are good. The forecast is for slightly increasing pollution levels with little change.

MOVIES on Page B7.

UTAH COUNTY NEWS on Pages B3, 6, 7.