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A third female member of an alleged polygamist group has filed a motion in 2nd District Court to have her guilty pleas withdrawn on allegations she sexually abused children within the sect.

Virginia Stagg, 31, had pleaded guilty in January to sexual exploitation of a minor and forcible sexual abuse. She was scheduled to be sentenced on both second-degree felony counts Wednesday, but instead asked to have her pleas withdrawn.Judge David Roth heard oral arguments, and he said he would make a decision next Wednesday.

Stagg, along with Troylene Brown, 25, and Laura Brokaw, 50, have filed motions to have their pleas withdrawn because they say they are not guilty of the allegations. Judge Ronald O. Hyde is scheduled to make a decision on Brokaw's motion next Wednesday, and Judge Stanton Taylor allowed Brown to withdraw her pleas on Monday. Brown's case was remanded back to 2nd Circuit Court where more charges will be filed against her by Weber County Attorney Reed Richards.

Thus far, nine women and Arvin Shreeve, the 61-year-old leader of the group known as "Sisters," have been charged with numerous felony counts of sexually abusing girls under the age of 14. Four have been sentenced, including Shreeve, who was ordered to serve from 20 years to life in prison.

Charges were filed against them after police raided their north Ogden neighborhood homes last August.