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Blaine George Hansen, 73, of San Mateo, California, passed away Thursday, February 27, 1992, at his home.

Born to William and Sybil Pearson Hansen, July 8, 1918, in Mt. Pleasant, Utah. Married Anna Mae McCoy, of Livingston, Montana, March 8, 1942, in Wyoming; Anna Mae passed away in 1988. Graduated from North Sanpete High School, Snow College, attended BYU. Roy was employed by Corps of Engineers, San Francisco School District, San Mateo, California.Survived by two daughters, Judy Hansen, Patsy Bradley; two granddaughters, all San Mateo, Calif.; sisters and brothers, Luella Hansen Draper, Lillian Hansen Jensen, Robert P. and Marilyn Jenkins Hansen, Salt Lake City; Margaret Hansen Strong, Layton; William and Arvilla Pace Hansen, St. George; Eloise Hansen Adams, Roy.

Burial: San Franciso Bay March 14, 1992.

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