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Resort: Elk Meadows

Elevation: 9,200 to 10,400Number of Runs: 30

Number of Lifts: 2 double, 1 triple, 1 T-bar, 1 Poma

Ticket Price: $25 adult, $15 children

Base Facilities: Lodge, restaurants, accommodations, ski shop.

Year opened: 1973


Most Popular Runs: Route 66, a left turn off the lower lift and a Poma lift ride to the top, is wide, steep and well groomed on one side, with bumps on the other side.

Most Difficult Run:

Help is a hard left off the lower lift. It is steep, variable terrain with lots of bumps.

Best Ego Run: Revolution, to the far left off the lower lift, is a nice cruiser run with lots of trees, good fall-line skiing and several places to make your turns.

Longest Run: Long Winding Road off the upper lift runs for about tow miles to the lower area.

Special Programs: Ski Wee kids program. This is a nationally recognized program for young skiers ages 4 to 12. The program was designed by Ski Magazine. All levels of skiing are taught, from beginning to expert. Full day and hald-day packages are availa;ble. Each student receives a progress report after class.

Special Events: March 7-8 will be the USRSA Weekend, with a special race slated for Saturday; March 14 will be St. Patrick's Day Party, with Cocoa Cola there to organize races and give away prices. Live music by the Birgin River Band. This will also be college/university weekend with several special activities planned.

Unique Features. Hideaway location, 18 miles east of Beaver, helps keep its deep powder and fall-line skiing a secret.

Next Week: Deer Valley