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Four white policemen charged in the videotaped beating of a black motorist began breaking ranks as the lawyer for one officer accused the others of losing control after Rodney King was pulled over.

Defense attorney John Barnett said officer Theodore Briseno was the only policeman who tried to stop the kicking and clubbing of King following a traffic stop. Other defense lawyers and the prosecutor offered different versions."Everyone's watching a different movie," Michael Stone, attorney for officer Laurence Powell, said outside court. "You see in this tape what you want to see."

The March 3, 1991, beating stirred outrage after the scene was captured on videotape by an amateur cameraman.

The videotape was played for jurors Thursday after opening statements in the police brutality trial began. Briseno, 39, Powell, 29, Sgt. Stacey Koon, 41, and officer Timothy Wind, 31, are charged with assault; Koon and Powell also are charged with filing false reports.

They face 4- to 8-year maximum prison sentences if convicted. Wind, a rookie on probation, was fired. The other officers were suspended.