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Students from four lucky classrooms get to take their "Jazz `n Geography" program to the Delta Center March 19. There, they will watch the Jazz teach them more about basketball than geography that particular night against the Denver Nuggets.

A drawing was held at halftime of Wednesday's Jazz-Spurs game with the names of four teachers being picked from among the 300 who are participating in the program - a joint venture of the Deseret News Newspaper in Education program and the Utah Jazz. Information appears each Tuesday through March in the Deseret News sports section, focusing on geography questions and activities relating to the home states of the teams opposing the Jazz that week.The four winners are: Kathie Anderson, sixth grade teacher at Backman Elementary School in the Salt Lake District; Judy Hutchings, fourth grade teacher at Arcadia Elementary in the Granite School District; Charla Thomas, fifth grade teacher at Park Elementary School in the Nebo School District; and Yolanda Biggs, an eighth grade English teacher at Ephraim Middle School in the South Sanpete School District.

They, and undoubtedly their students, were ecstatic when informed Thursday their names had been drawn.

"I was even at the game Wednesday night with my family and my son was busily computing on paper the probability of my winning when only four teachers could win out of the 300 who entered . . . I can't believe it . . . Thank you!" Anderson said.

Hutchings stated that, "My class is going to go bananas. I've never won anything in my life."

Thomas stated that "My class will surely be studying probability today in math. Just what are the chances of being one of four in 300?"

Biggs' class will have quite a drive to make, but she's not worried. "We'll be there," she said.