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A wide variety of educational and patient services for 1992 are being launched by the American Cancer Society volunteer board members from Utah and Juab counties under the direction of James T. Young, newly appointed chairman.

Young, himself a cancer survivor, said board members from throughout the county are involved in educational and patient services and fund-raising activities during the year."Our primary goal is to educate the public with current information about cancer and work with cancer victims in a variety of services," Young said. "With our cancer response system, we can get answers to almost any question.

Board members include: Joyce Johnson, Orem, chairman-elect; Dr. Lee Peterson, Orem, president; Dr. Joseph Miner, president-elect; Joy Thompson, Sandy, secretary/treasurer; Hal Williams, public communications; John Peterson, public relations; Duane Mecham, area executive director; and Janette Black, office manager.

For more information about services through the American Cancer Society, call 373-5886.