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To the editor:

As far as I have been able to determine, every advocate of unlimited abortion was once blessed with a mother willing to carry said advocate to live birth. And she didn't quibble over when life begins, having the sense to realize that if, at any stage after conception, the fetus ceased to live, it would self-abort.There may be some who will object to the foregoing on the grounds that, had abortion been accessible, their mothers would have availed themselves of it. If this be true, then each penitent proponent may make amends by committing postpartum abortion to indemnify their deprived mother and to avoid the label of hypocritical egotist - i.e., "I was worthy of being born, but you little usurping upstarts aren't."

The tantalizing irony of abortion is that it always comes one generation too late to accommodate its advocates and always too soon to spare the unborn.

T. Kirkwood Collins

East Mill Creek