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Two teenagers were arrested after threatening to shoot a golfer at the Rose Park Golf Course Thursday morning.

The boys, ages 13 and 14, had been drinking at one of the boys' home, said Salt Lake Police Lt. Dennis Tueller. Then they began shooting a .22-caliber rifle inside the home, he said.They then went outside and wandered around the neighborhood, shooting at a man who was looking at them through his living room window at 1500 W. Sunset (about 800 North), Tueller said. The man wasn't hit by the bullet.

They continued to the Rose Park Golf Course where they threatened a golfer, Tueller said. The police caught up with the youths at the golf course after receiving several calls about the shooting. They were taken to the juvenile detention center.

Tueller said police will investigate the pair is connection with several burglaries that have occurred at the golf course's pro shop in the past week.