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Heather Nelson Cooke will not seek reappointment to the five-member Board of Pardons and Parole.

Gov. Norm Bangerter named Cooke to the post in January 1991 to complete the remainder of Victoria Palacios' term after her resignation in May 1990.Cooke's term expired at the end of February.

Cooke said she and her husband, Peter, plan to develop affordable public housing. She was recently elected president of the Housing Corporation of America, a non-profit entity aimed at creating public-private partnerships to meet housing needs.

Before her board appointment, Cooke was a prosecutor with the U.S. Attorney in Salt Lake City.

"I plan to stay very involved in the criminal justice system by serving on relevant government committees and also by applying HCA's premise of public-private partnerships to offer viable alternatives to incarceration," she said.