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Police and family members still have not been able to locate a girl missing for almost three weeks.

Evangeline Rebecca Allred, 15, disappeared the same day as William Steele, a 33-year-old man who had been staying with Allred's family.The Salt Lake County sheriff's office has released photographs of Allred and Steele because of the likelihood the two are together. She has been missing since a man picked her up at church Feb. 16.

Deputies have received reports of possible sightings of the girl on Feb. 21 in Montrose, Colo., and Feb. 25 in Wendover, Nev. The sheriff's office also has information that Steele might have fled Utah for Wyoming or Mexico.

Allred belongs to a polygamous family and is the granddaughter of slain polygamist leader Rulon Allred. Information from the sheriff's office and the FBI indicated Steele was interested in taking Allred as his second wife.

Allred's mother refuted that claim, saying Steele and his wife had lived at the Allred home for about two months only while he looked for work and another place to live.