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Two Brighton High students were killed and five other teens suffered minor injuries Thursday night in a rollover.

Killed in the accident were:David B. Watson, 16, Cottonwood Heights.

Brent Holtkamp, 16, Cottonwood Heights.

The accident occurred about 11 p.m. at 8954 S. Kings Hill Drive (3708 East). The seven teenage boys were traveling in a Suburban at a high rate of speed down a steep road and hit a dip at the base of the incline.

"When they hit that, they were going too fast, went out of control and rolled the vehicle," said Salt Lake County Sheriff's Capt.

Bruce Thayne.

The vehicle rolled twice and reportedly traveled through three front yards, hitting trees, a camper and a parked car before it hit a garage door. The vehicle landed on its roof, and the landing may have caused the most serious injuries.

"It was a strange accident for a residential area," Thayne said.

Watson, the driver, was pronounced dead at the scene. Holtkamp was taken to Alta View Hospital, where he was pronounced dead. Five passengers in the vehicle - Evan Christensen, Chet Robinson, and Taylor Williams, all 16, and Rex Warner and Sam Spillar, both 17 - were taken to Cottonwood and Alta View hospitals where they were treated for minor injuries and later released.

At least one of the five suffered a concussion during the accident. All appeared to have been wearing their seat belts.

Thayne said alcohol was not believed to have been involved. Neighbors said the boys had just left the Holtkamp home, where they had been watching a video. It is unclear, however, where they were headed when the accident occurred.