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The Silver Beaver Award, highest honor to be bestowed by a local Scout council, will be presented by the Great Salt Lake Council, Boy Scouts of America, at 7:30 p.m. Thursday, March 19, in the Bountiful Regional Center.

Those eligible for nomination for the award, first authorized by the BSA in 1932, are registered Scouters with impressive records for service to Scouting, church and the community. All awards must be approved by the National Distinguished Service Committee of the BSA.Elder Robert L. Backman of the presidency of the Seventy, a member of the National Advisory Council of the BSA, will address the gathering, to which admission is free. The center is located just off the North Salt Lake exit from I-15.

The 56 award recipients, their community and current position:


Elder Boyd K. Packer, member of The Council of the Twelve, The Chcurch of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and Scouting council-member-at-large; Jeffery Abbott, council executive committee; Larry Bowler, Scoutmaster; Michael E. Green, Sandy, Assistant Scoutmaster; Frederick G. Kidston, Scoutmaster; Susan S. Loeser, pow-wow steering committee; John C. Moody, Varsity advancement chairman; Randall B. Packer, council Explorers Prresident Association adult adviser; Val Paulsen, Sandy, district advancement for Eagle review; Launie Severinsen, district committee member; and Sandra Watts, den leader.

Salt Lake City

Carol Bartholomew, Western region area second vice president; Neal Lemar Bishop, assistant district commissioner; Ralph D. Brinton, council vice president over endowment; Jacques Chappuis, charter organization representative; Keith Cunningham, vice chairman over Cub Scouts, David S. Glauser, Cub Scout committee member; John Jackman, district Varsity committee member; Jerry Mosley, district Scout advancement coordinator; Orvill Paller Jr., district commissioner; Barry L. Phillips, district Boy Scout vice chairman; Don C. Reynolds, district advancement chairman; Frank Kay Richards, Scoutmaster; Ino H. Stokes, council committee; Edward R.B. van Gass, district Cub vice chairman; Fred H. Westergard, round table commissioner; and timothy J. Wilson, assistant district commissioner.


Suzette Bradford, den leader coach; Geraldine McBeth, district committee member; and Stanley R. Weyland, district advancement chairman.


Bob Chamberlain, zone commissioner; John Cushing, Scoutmaster; Marco M. Cushing, Blazer scout leader; Larry Gerber; district commissioner; and Paul D. Taylor, advancement committee.


Charles B. Clark, Scoutmaster, and Jim Cowan, district vice chairman.

Fruit Heights

Lee R. Collings, district staff.


Michaael M. Smith, Scoutmaster.

West Jordan

Gregory M. Clark, Scoutmaster; Thomas A. Harmon, district chairman; Arvel F. Larsen, district advancement committee; Jim D. Purser, Boy Scout committee chairman; Margie Richardson, district committee; and Stig A. Stomberg, district advancement committee.


Kay O. Durfee, assistant Varsity coach, and Sue Weierman, council Cub Scout activities chairman.


Dan A. Foster, assistant lodge adviser Order of Arrow.


Brent A. Miller, assistant district commissioner.

West Valley city

Ken Moore, district chairman; Ferrell Peterson, Scoutmaster; and Chris Smallwood, council office manager.

South Jordan

Clifford G. Harman, district commissioner, and Alan Jackson, unit commissioner.


Paul M. smith, merit badge counselor.


Michael G. Lingwall, Order of Arrow, assistant lodge adviser.